Ayrton Senna Highway

This highway was built in 1978 and is one of Brazil’s busiest freeways. It connects São Paulo with Rio de Janeiro, Guarulhos International Airport, Campos do Jordão and Vale do Paraiba. Every day, around 125,000 vehicles travel along this route in each direction, 15% of them transporting heavy goods. These heavy vehicles destroyed the initial pavement structure (250mm cement treated base with 100mm asphalt wearing course (HMA) over years of service and was in dire need of a rehabilitation.

Loudon International was consulted and together with technicians from JBA Engineering and Consulting Ltda, provided support for preliminary investigation as well as assisting with the rehabilitation. A new BSM layer was proposed by means of a KMA plant.

The existing asphalt layer and cement stabilised base layer was milled of separately, the milled asphalt was then crushed to -30mm aggregate size and stockpiled, and the milled cemented material discarded. The crushed asphalt was then stabilised with foamed bitumen and hydrated lime using a Wirtgen KMA 220. The new material was then paved back to a thickness of 200mm followed by a 130mm second BSM layer and a 20mm asphalt wearing course.

“There is no doubt that this project will set a precedent for future roadworks in Brazil.” – FREMIX