Korinthos Highway

Following the successful construction of a pilot project on the Athens – Korinthos Highway in 2002, Messrs Aktor were awarded a contract by Greek national road authority for similar works to be carried out over the entire highway between Iliki, Athens and Korinthos.

Included in this contract was the rehabilitation of sections by recycling/foamed bitumen stabilisation with Loudon International nominated as engineers responsible for the design. Four sections, totaling some 21km of highway were earmarked for rehabilitation by recycling while the remaining 100km were being strengthened by construction of additional asphalt layers. Engineers from Loudon International and Aktor commenced work on field investigations early in July 2003 to determine the optimal design, prior to starting the recycling work two months later, in September.

The existing material was pulverized, additional material was imported (or material removed) to 90mm below the new design levels and then stabilized with foam bitumen and cement before two new asphalt layers (50mm and 40mm) was constructed on the new stabilized BSM base layer.To increase the capacity for anticipated traffic growth, the original highway was upgraded to a six-lane dual carriage way facility resulting in various lateral pavement structures. Due to maintenance done throughout its lifespan the pavement structure varies linearly too. FWD, DCP, cores, testpits and visual assessments were performed to determine a uniform design for this project.

Loudon International was also responsible for all quality control including, level control, stabilizing monitoring and laboratory tests.