Route 12 and Route 23

Route 12 and Route 23 form part of one of the major routes connecting Montevideo and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Continuous use of this route by holiday goers and heavy vehicles caused severe deterioration of this route. To minimize rehabilitation cost Loudon International was used in the design and construction process.

Hernandez & Gonzales, a roads construction company in Uruguay, was awarded the contract to rehabilitate a section of Route 23 and Route 12 in the Cardona district. The Uruguayan roads authority agreed to consider the in-situ BSM construction methods as an alternative to conventional rehabilitation measures and Loudon International was called in to investigate the existing pavements, propose a solution using BSM materials, design a suitable pavement and assist with the construction process.

The existing pavement consisted out of 180mm of existing asphalt resting on varying thicknesses of fines rich tosca layers followed by clayey materials. The final design was to in-place stabilise the top 250mm of the pavement with 2.4% foam bitumen and 1% cement. By doing this at least 70mm of the recycling layer will contain enough fines to adhere to the minimum of 5% fines required for foam stabilisation. AS part of the contract, surfaced shoulders were also constructed using the same process. Sections of the road had asphalt overlays present. These overlays were milled of prior to recycling and the material was used to enhance the quality of the shoulder material. The new BSM layer was immediately trafficked after compaction was done to 100% of modified AASHTO and an asphalt layer was constructed on top of the BSM layer as the final road level.