Rehabilitation of various roads in Norway

Asfalt Remix AS was appointed by the Norwegian government to rehabilitate various roads near Vetsby, Norway by means of recycling and foam stabilising the existing pavement materials. They subsequently bought a Wirtgen W200 recycler equipped with a foam bitumen spray bar for the works. Asfalt Remix AS approached Loudon International to assist them with the application of foam bitumen stabilisation.

Mr Nicolaas van Aardt, Loudon’s Application specialist, travelled to Norway to give his assistance with the WR200 and the entire foam bitumen stabilisation process. From the 2nd until the 10th of May he assisted them during various phases of the foam stabilisation process.

Due to thick asphalt layers present in the pavement structure in Norway, pre-milling was required to soften the material before it was effectively stabilised with the WR200. Once stabilised the pavement structure is expected to exceed its life expectancy.